Tiberius the Wise is an ex-soldier of the alignment the player chooses not to side with during "Seven Months a Slave". He is older and has his life spared by the Dovahkiin.


Early LifeEdit

In his early adulthood, his sister had to flee the empire, and went and joined a tribe. He then knows the tribal languages. He joins the empire to cover her trail.

Battle of Mammoth CaveEdit

He strongly hints he took part in the Battle

Escape from HelgenEdit

He sees the Dovahkiin with either Hadvar or Ralof. Either case, the Dovahkiin spares him because of much respect for elders in his culture. He then follows the Dovahkiin, joins his tribe, and gives him much advice.



  • If the player later abandons the tradition of respecting elders, he may comment saying, "I'm lucky you met me when you did."
  • Though he was spareed out of respect for elders being a tradition, the Dovahkiin doesn't stop Mysef from being killed by either Ralof or Hadvar