The Dovahkiin is the main protagonists and tribe leader of the game. They lead a Tribe based in the Falkreath Hold.


Early LifeEdit

The Dovahkiin grew up in the Kowhatan Tribe. They grew up learning all sorts of skills, though other than that no other details are known about the childhood.

Subjective InformationEdit

  • Name
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Prone to Trouble or Obedient - In the Quest "Silver Bleeding", Hugrak the Brute asks the character about their proneness to get in trouble.
    • "I follow the rules quite well." 10 order points
    • "I'm known to bend the rules when it benefits me." 10 Cunning Points
    • "I follow what the gods have set for me." 10 Faith points
    • "Mind you own buisiness." No Points
  • Faith Alignment - In the quest "Nettlebane and Gildergreen", Arvel the Swift asks the character about their faith

Capture and EscapeEdit

When the rebels fought the empire, they got caught in the Battle of Mammoth Cave. They were then taken to Helgen keep, where Mysef and Progun torutred them for 7 months. During the quest "Seven Months a Slave" they break out, and travel through with their choice of either Hadvar or Ralof. If they travel with Ralof, they will meet an Imperial Officer named Tiberius, which the Dovahkiin spares his life beause of the tribal custom of respecting elders. He will be a Rebel officer if you travel with Hadvar. Tiberius then follows him, stating he owes him a life debt. They escape to a small settlement named Riverwood, where they are asked to kill a bandit living in Bleak Falls Barrow. There they met Arvel the Swift, an ex-tribal thief who had stolen a claw from their treasure room for a merchant in Riverwood. The Dovahkiin frees him and kills the bandit.

The TribeEdit

When the Dovahkiin gets back, Arvel hands him the Dragonstone as a reward, and begins to follow him. They then get to Whiterun, where the Jarl orders them to give the Dragonstone, in return for a pardon. They Dovahkiin obliges.

They then recieve a property in Falkreath Hold with a house, a fence, and a vilage center. Every event from that point is subjective.