Borkul the Beast is a tribal trapped in Cidhna Mine during "Bleeding Silver". He is brothers with Hugrak the Brute. He uses a special Pick-Axe Called The Weight of Silver.


Early LifeEdit

Nothing is known about Borkul's early Life.


His tribe was completely wiped out and he and his brother were taken to Cidhna Mine by Thonar Silver-Blood.


Thonar Silver-Blood stabbed Hugrak in a cutscene right through the stomache. This Caused Borkul tho mutilate Thonar and go beserk, killing every guard with him single handedly before anyone else could pull a sword.

Tribal LifeEdit

He then went back to the Dovahkiin Tribe with the other survivors of the Cidhna Mine Escape.


  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Orsimer
  • Affiliation: Unknown Tribe, Cidhna Mine Prisoner, Dovahkiin Tribe
  • Faith: Old gods
  • Recruitable?: Yes
    • Escape with him during "Bleeding Silver"
    • Possible Posistions: Guard, Soldier, Miner (Off-Duty)
  • Related Quests: Bleeding Silver


  • Unlike Most Recruits, he does not change clothes once joining the tribe. He keeps wearing the same sackloth pants.
  • He is the first NPC seen using berserk.